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Testimonials and feedback - Why I love what I do!

It's not often I am too tall to help a customer (being a short 5' 2") however in this case I was, not to worry though, it's nothing a tape measure can't fix!

Also held it up to my MIL who is shorter than me so I could give her an idea of where the swimdress would come to.

I'm more than happy to try and help if you have any queries on our products.  I know sometimes it can be hard to visualise or having worries about having to exchange/ return especially on a tight time line

Recent feedback from a customer...

'Thank you  for taking so much trouble for me.'
'Thank you so much. The swimdress fits beautifully and is so flattering for a 78yr figure !!. I will not feel self conscious when wearing it.'
'Thank you also for your amazing customer service.'
This amazing feedback is for the Hawaii Swimdress