Being your best you...

Ok, so November is here...

Christmas is around the corner, Christmas Ads are everywhere, lights going up, reindeer and the big red guy, Santa gathering valuable toy intel on good boys and girls.

I've taken Sunday out to take munchkin for the local lights switch on, we had fun but didn't last until the lights switched on due to the UK doing it's usual and soaking us through! Doesn't matter but it brings into focus what we do for each other and ourselves day in and day out.

My Husband and I both determined to take Squidge somewhere different that she would love whilst getting lashed by the rain in the cold. Both of us waiting for the other to suggest abandoning it (then actually heading home) but also both of us also not wanting to ruin fun for our girl. We gave up when there were still 2hrs to the lights.

Lots of stalls for small business which I love, as I'm a small business albeit online rather than in person (most of the time!). We love when you buy from us.

I may be the Director, but I print, pick and pack your order... Squidge and I take them to the Post Office together. The curvy sharpie address is me, the written thank you on the packing slip... me, website design and launch... me, blog, emails and customer service... me! Those in small business wear more hats than a hat stand but you know what? I love it! I love hearing from a customer about feeling ready to brave the pool, a customer saying how the fit is just right or how the enjoyed having the confidence on holiday.

Go on be your best 'you' to yourself, your family, your friends